Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reading Basket for July 2012

Following the example of several very coordinated homeschooling families, we've organized our daily readings into “baskets.” Because most of our readings are on our Nook, laptop or CDs, we use a small basket that holds the Nook, a case for the CDs, our rosaries, a copy of our schedule and any actual books that I'm reading aloud. Near the basket I store our old CD player. (It still works. So, until it gives up the ghost, we'll keep using it.) Many times I store the laptop in it's red envelope beside the basket.

Morning Basket

We've begun to use this website for our daily scripture readings and reflections. The reflection link is on the red column on the left of the blog. This is a must for us. Every day, no matter what, we read the scripture and daily reflection and pray a decade of the rosary. Anything else is gravy. Depending upon Boo's vision and interest, we may add the daily video. For a few months we prayed the Morning Office together, but that's too much of a struggle for Boo right now. 

Decade of the Rosary

We vary the way we pray the rosary. Sometimes we pray a whole rosary at once. Usually it's just a decade or two that we manage before Boo's attention wanders. Because Boo has a minor infection, his dementia is more pronounced.  We'll only be praying one decade of the rosary in the morning...and maybe not a whole decade then. Yesterday, we even split that one decade into parts and dedicated certain Hail Marys to specific priests, etc. It took all day, but that one decade was prayed and prayed with meaning. I'm not sure how we'll manage the mysteries. Maybe one a day or one mystery for every two Hail Marys? This may not be an appropriate way to pray the rosary at all. I really don't know. I'm just trying to find ways that Boo can pray it meaningfully with his limited attention.

Special Intentions:
Sunday: for priests, bishops and the Church
Monday: for our children
Tuesday: for our grandchildren
Wednesday: for our local church and local needs
Thursday: for parents, siblings and extended family
Friday: for friends
Saturday: for each other

Twice Weekly

We're beginning this again at Boo's request. We read two chapters a week. If nothing else, we'll have a great overview of British history.

These are EWTN podcasts. Boo loves them! He tends to retain quite a lot from these thirty minute devotionals. We listen to two different podcasts each week. There are dozens available. We usually choose randomly.

Once Weekly
We read one story weekly, usually on Friday. These are children's stories, but they appeal to Boo. This isn't an audio resource. It is a Google book that's in the public domain. I've downloaded it as an epub book for our Nook.

Evening Basket for July


The Our Father or a Decade of the Rosary
Once again, until Boo is physically and mentally better, we'll need to keep things short and sweet. More than likely we'll pray an Our Father and some short spontaneous prayers. Perhaps we'll be able to pray another decade of the rosary.

Twice Weekly

We've listened to this one together two years ago, but Boo requested it. Besides it was one of my favorite childhood books.

Boo requested a book about Robin Hood that I'd read to him a few years ago. I, however, can't find that particular book. This will be a good substitute, I hope. A big plus is that I could download the audio version.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I was here, and reading. I have early dementia, and reading your blogs have helped me already! Thank you!